2014 - 16 | Blueprint

Wall mounted construction



Dimensions in mm:

A1 - 594 w x 841 h x 150 d

Medium: digital print on foamex, laser cut and scribed clear and tinted blue perspex, frost spray, styrene rod, aluminium rod


Current location: artist's studio


Artist’s notes:

The first construction to be developed, Blueprint to date has had three versions, and another version is in progress. Shown here is the second version, the first was dismantled after being exhibited in 2016 (presence and scale were unsuccessful). This version is A1 in size and the very dark blue background makes the elements stand out.


Blueprint makes reference to architectural plans, from which two sets of elements rise progressively into shallow space.   Elements are rotated introducing a moving dynamic. The interaction of the print base and the elements in space set up a perceptual ambiguity, questioning what is 2D / image and what is 3D / real material.