2017 - 19 | Dark Matter: Landing

Plinth mounted construction

2017 - 19


Dimensions in mm:

plinth - 550 w x 550 l x 500 h

construction - 450 w x 450 l x 450 h

Medium: laser cut and digitally printed clear perspex, styrene rod, perspex rod,

Foamex cube, graphite, paint, pencil, MDF plinth.


Current location: artist's studio


Artist’s notes: This construction relates in composition to the series of three constructions - Split, Fractured, Extended. At its centre is a dark solid - a graphite coated cube. The cube is intersected by four planes, printed with bespoke semi-transparent inks created with a Jetrix digital printer. Tonally the colours are chromatic greys - each a different percentage of yellow, cyan, magenta and black.


This construction is fixed to the base with only one corner of a transparent plane, giving a precarious look to the work, as if it has landed abruptly on some strange surface.