2017 - 20 | Matrix

Suspended kinetic construction

2017 - 20


Dimensions in mm:

ellipsoid form - 200 w x 400 l x 200 d

overall construction - approx.

1000 l x 600 w x 400 d (also variable)

Medium: laser cut clear and digitally printed perspex, gold paint, acrylic spheres (marked with watercolour pencils and graphite), transparent perspex rod, sillicone rubber tube


Current location: artist's studio


Artist’s notes: The ellipsoid encloses a spherical central void. A long clear rod cuts through this void, holding 'in orbit' - almost invisibly - three solid spheres of varying diameter.  Suspended in space, above head height, the construction rotates by air currents.


A matrix is "something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form".