With each work I have tried to achieve something

new - an element of invention. Explorations for display have included wall, floor, plinth, suspension in space - static and kinetic. Light - natural and artificial, static
and moving - is an important element for each work.

Each idea has been tested in various ways: questioning concepts, possible forms, materials and making methods. Some ideas required a series of works to fully explore the possibilities, for example Split, Fracture, Extended.

Making has involved: extensive CAD and CAM work

for digital printing and laser cutting; hand-made 'approximations' of each construction, assembling and dissembling; left in view or out of sight (sometimes for months); eventually coming to some kind of resolution and commitment.

‚ÄčOverview of Constructive Process

The project is a pursuit - a long term exploration of a set of ideas that have occupied me for over 40 years. This exploration involves a process of:  imagine,  respond, put together, reflect, take apart, rethink, remake, resolve.  It is iterative - a spiral of learning over time.

" The plumb-line in our hand, eyes as precise as a ruler, in a spirit

 as taut as a compass ... we construct our work as the universe constructs its own ... ."

Naum Gabo and Antoine Pevsner

The Realist Manifesto, 1920