2018 - 20 | Phako

Suspended kinetic construction

2018 - 20


Dimensions in mm:

240 w x 240 l x 240 d

Medium: laser cut and scribed frosted perspex, dichroic film, laser cut pale blue perspex with hand scribing, spring steel rod, neodymium disc magnets,laser cut transparent perspex, lexan, acrylic sphere


Current location: artist's studio


Artist’s notes: Phako is an imaginative response to undergoing cataract surgery in both eyes. Removal of the cloudy lenses is done by phacoemulsification using ultrasound and aspirated from the eye. Insertion of new intra ocular lens implants is carried out through micro-keyhole surgery. For a short time I could obviously not focus and could only 'see' coloured moving light - predominantly turquoise, pink and orange. The experience was intense (but not painful).


'Phako' means lens in Greek.