2017 - 19 | Portal

Plinth mounted construction

2017 - 19


Dimensions in mm:

360 w x 710 l x 360 h

Medium: laser cut clear and frosted perspex, plaster sphere, acrylic sphere, clear perspex rod, dichroic glass, grey paint, lead pencil, recycled base (Ikea Lack table top), steel tripod stand


Current location: artist's studio


Artist’s notes: A transparent upright central plane separates two 'terrains' - a dark side and a light side. This plane has two intersecting oval spaces that act as a 'portal' between the two 'terrains'. Cutting through the open space is a translucent oval plane, held by a curving rod, physically connecting the two terrains. The rod rises out of a mysterious hole in the dark terrain. At the end of this rod a small metallic sphere hovers over another hole, that might give access to an unknown underground space. Alongside the oval plane, suspended in the open space, is a white sphere - a still, quiet form - counteracting the dynamism of the rest of the composition.