2016 - 17 | Split

One in a series of three inter-related constructions - two wall mounted and one suspended

2016 -17


Dimensions in mm: each work

450 w x 450 l x 100 d

Medium: laser cut and scribed clear and tinted perspex (blue and grey), black paint, white paint, styrene rod, perspex rod, white MDF base.


Current location: artist's studio


Artist’s notes: This is a series of three works exploring shallow ambiguous space through layered planes. Thin parallel lines create various tonal effects, enhanced by the addition of paint rubbed into the scribed lines.


This particular work - Split - is wall mounted at eye level, inviting close inspection, the space within the construction being ambiguous.  As the viewer moves the composition 'splits', 'opens up' and then 'closes' again.  Comprising parallel planes, it is a 'quiet' form.